k.mo. productions is dedicated to creating nuanced, intelligent, and extraordinary work that supports diverse voices, explores subversive narratives, and tackles real social issues through film, digital video, theater, and beyond.

About the founder:


Based in New York City, Kate Moran is a multi-medium artist with extensive and varied industry experience with a focus on uplifting marginalized voices and stories rarely told. A filmmaker, director, writer, editor, classically trained actor, and comedian, Moran has worked on countless projects for stage and screen in the last 15 years. After graduating with a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Moran has worked extensively in production, casting, talent representation, and arts education.

She studied at Stella Adler Studio, Stonestreet Studios, and the Peoples Improv Theater. She is the former artistic director and co-founder of the downtown NYC theater company, Broken Glass, and has worked with Don Buchwald & Associates, Calleri Casting, and served as the Programming Director of One On One NYC.  Moran is the director of the award-winning short film,“Are You Afraid of the ’90s?”, starring Heather Matarazzo, Kristine Sutherland, and Jenna Leigh Green.

Moran is the co-founder and producer of the Asian Comedy Fest, the largest national comedy festival celebrating AAPI talent. In 2021 ACF raised over $8,000 for Apex for Youth, benefitting underserved and immigrant communities; and a frequent co-host for Asian American Film Thing, a recurring show at Caveat NYC, founded by Angel Yau to provide more much-needed screen time to AAPI filmmakers.

She is also the co-founder and vice president of Nasty Women Unite Fest, a non-profit intersectional feminist arts festival raising funds for the ACLU; founder and producer of the comedy show, The Revolution, at QED Astoria, showcasing women, non-binary, and trans comedians. She is the director and head writer for the house sketch team Church Social comedy at the People’s Improv Theater; and the producer and co-host of podcast, The Witchcast Podcast, with her creative partner, Emily Duncan, combining comedy and popular witchy topics, available on all streaming platforms.

Throughout all of her work and volunteering, Moran believes in truly intersectional, authentic storytelling and meaningful activism. Currently, Moran is a freelance producer, director, editor, writer, and career coach under her company k.mo.productions, as well as currently working full-time for RYOT studio in NYC as a producer/editor, creating authentic storytelling via branded content for publishers like Yahoo and In The Know. She is also in development for a new pilot, feature film, and novel.

Moran spends what spare time she has volunteering, painting, cooking, and feeding her addiction to cooking Korean food, watching adult dark comedy animation, and trying to keep her plants alive.