CAREER COACHING productions offers private career counseling for actors, comedians, and performers of all mediums. Utilizing years of experience in casting, talent representation, life coaching, directing, and as the former programming director of One On One NYC, executive producer Kate Moran strategically tailors all of that knowledge into a workable format for artists to help distill and analyze their challenges and goals, creating a game plan for achieving measurable success.
Every client is different, so the first meeting functions like an active consultation. By using her exclusive original workbook, you will focus on really pin-pointing specific goals and creating the next steps to get there. Email for more information – click here.


Digital video, film, music videos, editorials, branded content, or live performance – work with productions for any and all of your production needs. Email today for more info.

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EDITING productions also offers video editing services at affordable rates and quick turnarounds for projects spanning all styles, including reels and sizzles, short films, digital video, and docu-series.

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See below for what past collaborators have to say and join the productions team today!

“Kate Moran is an extremely professional, talented and dedicated producer and creative. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to add someone to their on-going or temporary team. Kate is a very quick study, analyzing situations quickly and accurately so she can adjust her approach for the best outcome. Plus, Kate has a great sense of humor and a cool head. I’ve worked with her as both her superior and same-level colleague and both times were a pleasure.”J.W. Crump, producer, director, actor, comedian

“Kate Moran is a highly skilled producer, marketing strategist, content creator, story-teller, digital marketer and director. There is no one else I would rather have on any creative team I am part of, as she has the wonderful ability to view projects from both a macro and micro perspective. She is incredibly detail-oriented, efficient, witty, discerning, creative, pro-active and driven. Kate has a wonderful sense of humor, communicates clearly and effectively and works well with a multitude of personalities. She is also a top of line problem solver, always able to think quick on her feet and come up with a solution. Kate is one of the strongest collaborators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I highly recommend her for any creative position available.”Allison Brzezinski, president of Nasty Women Unite Fest

“I have worked with Kate frequently over the past nine years on various projects ranging from theatre to digital/video and each time I am consistently impressed by what she brings to the table. Not only is she passionate and driven, but she is not afraid to try new ideas and will work tirelessly to make sure we produce the best end result. I highly recommend working with her.”Chris Chianesi, actor, singer, writer, producer

“Kate Moran gets things done. As an independent filmmaker, I relied heavily on Kate’s experience and professionalism as a video producer on my short film. From pre-production organizing through Excel and people sourcing, to efficient and effective communication and execution on set, all the way through post-production counsel and finishing touches – Kate Moran is the producer you want on your team. She is tireless and creative and will always make sure your project reaches its full potential. If you’re looking for a positive and team-oriented addition to your outfit, I wholeheartedly recommend you reach out to her.”Graham Halstead, director, writer, actor

“Kate’s skillset is exceptional. She has a warm, encouraging demeanor, she is efficient with time and budget, and is a dream partner in terms of creative collaboration. I hired Kate to direct and produce my music videos for my debut album, and am in awe of her work ethic. She is able to streamline many ideas into a cohesive, detailed storyboard, and her execution while filming is impressive. She works quickly, and her method is incredibly thorough. I look forward to working with her again, and highly recommend her for your future projects.”Kimberly Townsend, singer/songwriter, actor

“Kate embodies that rare combination of creative and detail-oriented. She is driven, hard-working, and talented – and, beyond that, a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her as a director, producer, or whatever else she might set her mind to.”Emily Duncan, writer, comedian, actor, producer