Video and Production Portfolio

This is a selection of work by productions and Kate Moran. Click here for the full portfolio.


Still from video featuring DK Metcalf
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DK Metcalf — Hungry to Play
Producer/Editor: Kate Moran
Director: Jenn Shaw

Yahoo! Sports / Pizza Hut: Brian Burns – Hungry to Play
producer/additional editing: Kate Moran
director: Jenn Shaw

Yahoo! Finance / H&R Block: What Do You Need to File Taxes?
producer/editor: Kate Moran
director/writer: Jordan Zaslow

Yahoo! Finance / H&R Block: They Don’t Teach You This Stuff in School
producer/editor: Kate Moran
director/writer: Jordan Zaslow

Yahoo! Finance / H&R Block: Taxes Aren’t Child’s Play
producer/editor: Kate Moran
director/writer: Jordan Zaslow

Yahoo! Finance / H&R Block: 5 Ways the Tax Code is Changing
producer: Kate Moran
animation: Creative Mammals

Yahoo! Finance / H&R Block: Discover Your Taxpayer Personality Type
producer: Kate Moran
animation: Creative Mammals

One World Observatory: A New Career High
created by Situation Interactive
producer, director, editor: Kate Moran
co-producer: David Holmes; additional editing, colorist, animation: Melissa Marcus
cinematography: Savva Svet; sound: Kip Sturm

New York City Center’s 75th Anniversary
created by Situation Interactive
producer, talent coordinator, production manager: Kate Moran
director: Bill Doble; cinematography: Chris Bierlein
edit and animation: Matt Yeager, Melissa Marcus

The Tony Awards 2018: #ThisIsBroadway Flagship Video
created by Situation Interactive
producer/production manager: Kate Moran
writer: Ellen Mullen; voiceover: Leslie Odom Jr.; animation: Greg Muth

Nat Geo Encounter: First Encounter
created by Situation Interactive
producer/AD: Kate Moran
director: Bill Doble

When did you find out you were a real New Yorker? for Hello.NYC
producer, co-director: Kate Moran
writer/director: Megan Sass; camera: David Bluvband; editor: David Monk
featuring: Jessica Frances-Dukes, Brendan Sokler, Mo Fathelbub, Celeste Jennings,  Holly Chou, Joey McCabe, Andy Bustillos, Jon Bander, Megan Sass, Rory Kulz, Kate Moran, Monique Moses

“What IS a ‘Nasty Woman’?”
director, writer, editor: Kate Moran
camera: Sohailla Mahjour

Other past and current clients include Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen, Roundabout Theatre Company, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and industrial videos for Novo Nordisk, GE, Ricoh, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and more.


producer/director/DP/editor: Kate Moran
singer/songwriter: Kimberly Townsend
drone op: Ana Bretón, location: Jeremy Michaels

producer/director/DP/editor: Kate Moran
singer/songwriter: Kimberly Townsend
animator: Kate Fisher

“Backwards So”
producer/director/DP/editor: Kate Moran
singer/songwriter: Kimberly Townsend


Dream Phone!
A fun sleepover game takes a dark turn…
DP and editor: Kate Moran
director: Amanda Baramki; writer: Kait Moleen; sound: Michael Fisher
featuring: Iliana Inocencio, Pratima Mani, Anika Burgess, Patrick Reidy, Sarah Wharton

Meeting the Parents
Meeting your girlfriend’s parents doesn’t always go as planned…
producer/director: Kate Moran
writer: Megan Sass; camera: Andy Zou; editor: David Monk
featuring: Jerah Milligan, Megan Sass, James Price, Nancy Evans

Guardifeel: A New Vaccine for Casual Sex!
It’s time to stop feeling, and start living.
producer/director: Kate Moran
writer/director: Katie Haller; editor: David C. Monk; camera: Andy Zou
logo and graphics: Kyle Rose; starring: Katie Haller, Julian Williams, Michelle Francesca Thomas, Andy Zou, Jeffrey Mondoro, Kate Moran.

A Trying Black History Minute
You always have a minute for Black History!
director/DP: Kate Moran
writer: Keisha Zollar; featuring: Tabitha Vidaurri; editor/graphics: David C. Monk

New Trailer: This Season’s Hottest Crime Drama
She’s not just good, she’s damaged good.
director/producer: Kate Moran
writer/director: Stephanie Bencin; camera: David C. Monk; sound/editor: Carina Jollie
starring: Tabitha Vidaurri, Rory Scholl, Peter Zuorick, Alex Mullen, Will Nunziata, Adam Bozarth; voiceover by Billy Bob Thompson

New Girl
don’t  you miss the good ole days of Mad Men?
director/producer: Kate Moran
writer/director: Madonna Refugia; DP/editor: Jake Horgan
logo & animation: Kyle Rose; Additional Editing: Patrick Walsh
starring: Tabitha Vidaurri, Emily Duncan, Regina Gibson, Carolyn Busa, Billy Bob Thompson, and Frank Vignola; costume & hair consultant: Alex McBean; music: Quantum Jazz

10 Subway Riders Every New Yorker Knows
just your average day on the New York City subway
writer/director: Kate Moran
co-writer: Emily Duncan
camera: Jake Horgan & Sam Campbell; editor: David C. Monk; sound: Andrea Zavareei
exec. producer: Jorja Hudson, PITtv; starring: Madonna Refugia, Christina Rodriguez Stone, Alan Tyson, Carolyn Busa, Joey McCabe, Graham Halstead, Eric Yearwood, Peter Griffin, Rory Scholl, and Edgar Eguia


“How to be O.K.” 
producer, sound mixer: Kate Moran
writer/director: Graham Halstead; DP: Chris Moore; sound: Errol Basdeo

producer, writer, director: Kate Moran
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In Search Of: a short film
producer, writer, director: Kate Moran
co-director and choreography: Allison Brzezinski
featuring Ricky Soberano, Nikita Chaudhry, Sara Chan, Quanda Johnson
DP: Pati Amoroso, editor: David Monk
premiered at the Nasty Woman Unite Fest 2018, more screenings to come.

Carry: a short film
writer/director/editor: Kate Moran
starring Cleo Gray; featuring Chris Chianesi, Alex McBean
original music: Morgan Clarke

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