Digital Video

Making A Difference
Social Justice is so important.
director/writer/editor: Kate Moran
co-starring and co-writer: Emily Duncan
DP: David Monk / sound: Errol Basdeo

Meeting the Parents
Meeting your girlfriend’s parents doesn’t always go as planned…
producer/director: Kate Moran
writer: Megan Sass; camera: Andy Zou; editor: David Monk
featuring: Jerah Milligan, Megan Sass, James Price, Nancy Evans

Guardifeel: A New Vaccine for Casual Sex!
It’s time to stop feeling, and start living.
producer/director: Kate Moran
writer/director: Katie Haller; editor: David C. Monk; camera: Andy Zou
logo and graphics: Kyle Rose; starring: Katie Haller, Julian Williams, Michelle Francesca Thomas, Andy Zou, Jeffrey Mondoro, Kate Moran.

A Trying Black History Minute
You always have a minute for Black History!
director/DP: Kate Moran
writer: Keisha Zollar; featuring: Tabitha Vidaurri; editor/graphics: David C. Monk

New Trailer: This Season’s Hottest Crime Drama
She’s not just good, she’s damaged good.
director/producer: Kate Moran
writer/director: Stephanie Bencin; camera: David C. Monk; sound/editor: Carina Jollie
starring: Tabitha Vidaurri, Rory Scholl, Peter Zuorick, Alex Mullen, Will Nunziata, Adam Bozarth; voiceover by Billy Bob Thompson

New Girl
don’t  you miss the good ole days of Mad Men?
director/producer: Kate Moran
writer/director: Madonna Refugia; DP/editor: Jake Horgan
logo & animation: Kyle Rose; Additional Editing: Patrick Walsh
starring: Tabitha Vidaurri, Emily Duncan, Regina Gibson, Carolyn Busa, Billy Bob Thompson, and Frank Vignola; costume & hair consultant: Alex McBean; music: Quantum Jazz

10 Subway Riders Every New Yorker Knows
just your average day on the New York City subway
writer/director: Kate Moran
co-writer: Emily Duncan
camera: Jake Horgan & Sam Campbell; editor: David C. Monk; sound: Andrea Zavareei
exec. producer: Jorja Hudson, PITtv; starring: Madonna Refugia, Christina Rodriguez Stone, Alan Tyson, Carolyn Busa, Joey McCabe, Graham Halstead, Eric Yearwood, Peter Griffin, Rory Scholl, and Edgar Eguia

“The Band” is an independent Brooklyn Community Cable channel show that follows up-and-coming musicians.
director & DP: Kate Moran
writer: Marisa Bramwell; b cam, sound, edit: Carina Jollie
music supervisor: Gaby Gold; Graphics: Marisa Bramwell
featuring Gaby Gold, Marisa Bramwell, Josh Adam Ramos, KC Weakley